At any time you have a construction or renovation project, it can be handy to seek the services of a general contractor like the contractors. Doing so allows you to have a single point of contact for all your questions and concerns. Additionally, it offers you access to materials and laborers you might not have. As you budget for your project, you have to include builder charges so you’ve got a more accurate cost for the entire job. How much can a contractor costs? Just how much do overall contractors cost per hour? The answer differs for everybody. Below are a few things to think about as you try to determine which contractor to hire.

Type of Project

 architectsSpecialized projects can expect a contractor with more experience and expertise. If you are working on adding a bedroom to your current home, you may be able to hire a much less expensive contractor than if you wanted to completely remodel your kitchen. Projects that involve complicated plans or require certain types of permits can be done more efficiently if the contractor has experience. How much does a contractor cost? You may have to pay more because the best contractors may charge higher fees.


Experience usually comes with expertise. A very experienced contractor tends to have higher costs but provides better results. It can be crucial to make sure that all of a contractor’s claims of experience are true. To do this, you can ask for qualifications, certificates, testimonials from previous clients, or other types of legitimate evidence. In addition, a builder who can adjust his work quickly will likely be in less demand than someone who doesn’t have an opening in the next few months. And how much does a builder cost? Experienced builders have been in the industry longer. This usually means they have a wider network of relationships. This allows them to choose from a larger pool of workers and helps them know which subcontractors will do the best work.

Project Cost Percentage

taxesWhen answering the question, “How much can a contractor cost? You need to know the actual rates that will be charged. How much do contractors cost in total per hour? The answer is that they typically charge commissions ranging from 10% to 20% of their labor cost rather than an hourly rate. Depending on the contractor and occupancy, this will result in an average of $250 to $58,000. The larger or more complicated the job, the higher the percentage the contractor will charge. The more responsibility a project entails, the more the contractor will have to charge to make a profit.

Size of the Project

You can expect to pay less to find a contractor to remodel a bathroom than to remodel an entire house. This is due to the additional labor and materials a contractor will need to handle your larger job. The more involved a project is, the greater the cost of certain things: taxes, office of the staff, transportation for materials, communication between subcontractors, and warranty. How much does a contractor cost? Most contractors charge more for tasks with higher overhead, so they can still make a fantastic profit.

Type of Construction

construction siteHow much do general contractors charge? Most contractors charge different rates for remodeling than they do for new installations. If you are trying to decide whether to remodel or build from scratch, remodeling is usually more expensive. Considering that the contractor has to work around the current layout and some other complications that may arise, remodeling can be more challenging and just as expensive. New construction, on the other hand, can require more from them like insurance, labor, equipment, and permit.

How much does a contractor cost? Look at the layout you’d like to do. New construction often requires additional management to successfully manage excess insurance, subcontractors, and building codes. This can sometimes result in a higher rate for the contractor. However, if the new deal is for a larger home, the builder’s rates may be similar to those charged for a remodeling project.


Contractor costs can also vary depending on the location of the business. This is because overhead costs can change from location to location. Things like labor, transportation of materials, and permits can cost a lot more in certain locations. For example, if your project is in a remote location, it can be expensive to bring materials to the job site. If the job is in a very metropolitan location, it can be more difficult to obtain permits. These are all things to think about when you’re budgeting for your job and asking yourself, “How much does a contractor cost?”

Factors to Help You Calculate the Cost of a Contractor

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