Getting Rid Of Under Eye Bags

It is normal for one to get under eye bags when they do not get enough sleep, or they cry at night. These under eye bags may case one not to look good as they would want to. This calls for having remedies that will help on in getting rid of under eye bags. Here are some of the remedies that are found at home so that you can have that beautiful look you deserve.


Potatoes are easy to find in any kitchen. Besides being food and a remedy for skin issues, it is also used to get rid of under eye bags. The potato is sliced into two pieces then place them on your eyes ensuring that the eye bags are covered as well. The slices should be left in the eyes for at least fifteen minutes for a noticeable change in the size of the eye bags.

full glass of milk


Milk is also used to reduce the appearance of eye bags. One will need to do this on a regular basis. Cotton buds are dipped in chilled milk and placed on the eyes for at least thirty minutes. This will help in retaining water in your eyes while also cooling the eye bags off.


One will need chilled water and add a few drops of oil and vitamin E to it. Cotton buds are then dipped in the water and placed on the eyes for twenty minutes. This will help to reduce the under eye bag.


Cucumbers have been used for long in the beauty world to get rid of this puffiness. This is because cucumber has anti-inflammatory properties. One will need two slices of chilled cucumber and place them on the eyes for twenty minutes. One can take a nap after placing the cucumber on the eyes. This will help to relax your mind as well.

Tea bags

Tea bags provide a quick remedy for under eye bags for those who want fast relief. Tea bags are moistened then placed in the freezer for a while. The tea bags are then placed in the eyes for twenty minutes for them to cool the eyes. One should then wash the face with cold water and pat dry. The eye bags will have disappeared leaving one feeling rejuvenated.


Chilled spoons offer relief for the eye bags as well. One will need a glass of ice water and dip the spoons in the water. After the spoons stay in the iced water after some time, they are then placed over each eye as one keeps switching the spoons until they see an improvement in the appearance of the under eye bags.


One will need to use egg whites. Beat two egg whites and apply them to the eyes using a brush. The egg whites make the skin around the eye feel tighter hence will look less puffy. The egg whites are left in the eyes for twenty minutes then one can rinse the face with cold water.

cuple drinking water

Drink water

Drinking enough water is a good way of ensuring that one’s body is properly hydrated. Hydration is needed to get rid of the puffiness. One should ensure that they drink as much water as needed by the body.

Natural Herbal Supplements For Your Health

Today traditional medicines are popular since people have decided to go the natural way of treatment. These supplements have been in use for centuries and have been very successful. Each of them is helpful in a way and can give relief to various health problems. These supplements are good for heart conditions, arthritis and common cold.

Popular natural supplements that will help your body


Ginger is a popular natural supplement when it comes to treating menstrual cramps, nausea, flu symptoms and diarrhea. Today ginger is used even to treat heart diseases, arthritis, and cancer.

Ginkgo biloba

This herb has slowly gained popularity in treatment today. It is considered the top ingredient in most natural supplements on the market. Biloba helps in treating various conditions like anxiety, memory loss, and dementia.


Ginseng is also well known as a supplement today.It is excellent for immune boosting which makes it useful in making most drinks in the market today.

Goji berry

Goji berry is a herb that has shown potential in healing cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases. It also helps to fight issues related to non-vision. Moreover, ginseng has neuroprotective properties that make it useful in preventing various forms of cancer.

Thunder god vine

This plant if used properly is a brings great relief to joints and arthritis in general. You should, however, be very careful when using this plant as it may have detrimental side effects to your health.

White Mulberry

This is a fruit which has anti-diabetic properties and can be used to effectively lower the blood sugar levels. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and can be of help to those who have heart problems.


This herb is also called militorrhiza and is popular for treating heart and circulatory problems. It is widely used in China for such treatments.

Sweet wormwood

This is another supplement you can use for conditions like dizziness, fever, and headaches. It is an excellent treatment for malaria and its symptoms.

Ziziphus jujuba

This Chinese fruit has various uses as a supplement. It acts as a sedative and helps in the digestion process. Also, Ziziphus helps to fight anxiety and it id effective like some of the anti-anxiety medicines in the market.

Chinese hawthorn

This is a type of berry supplemtnrightasdfghgrown in China whose main use is to maintain good heart health. Other than this, it is useful in controlling your body’s lipid levels.

Today supplements are widely useful in the treating various health conditions. It is wise to know the components of these supplements so that you can source for them when you have a problem. These are some of the most popular natural herbal supplements in the market today.