Six Tips to Keeping Nice Skin

Are you wondering how to keep a beautiful skin? Well, glowing skin comes on top of the list for every woman’s beauty to do list. However, right now you might be bothered that you don’t have a healthy skin and want to do something about it. It’s true that a huge fraction of women trawls the internet countless times to discover how to get glowing skin with little or no success. You don’t need to panic. Go through our tips for glowing skin to ensure that you look healthy all year round.

Use Sunscreen

This is the simplest way to promote a healthy and glowing skin to look younger. The ugly truth is that most wrinkles on your skin come from sunlight exposure. Prevent the damage instead of fixing it afterward at a cost. This means that you should put on sunscreen even during the winter months when the sun rays are not that strong. Buy a sunscreen that offers a broad spectrum of protection to guard you against UVA and UVB rays that are known for causing wrinkles and skin cancer respectively.

Clean Makeup Brushes

A recent study found that over two-thirds of women fail to wash their sponges or brushes even though they accumulate dirt and bacteria that are responsible for breakouts. You don’t want breakouts when trying to get better skin. For this reason, you should make sure that you clean your loose powder brushes after two or three weeks and those used to apply foundation weekly.

mix nuts

Eat Mixed Nuts

Brazilian nuts are famous for their high selenium levels that enhance skin elasticity and reduce skin cancer according to research. Besides, you should consume more walnuts that are rich in omega three fatty acids to reduce inflammation and put a halt to the breakouts. Don’t forget to feed on some macadamia to get glowing skin. Macadamia is rich in quality oils and fatty acids that repair and rejuvenate the skin.

Never Sleep with Make Up

Sleeping with makeup will clog your skin pores, cause excessive dryness and dandruff. Yes, you heard me right! Most makeup is made using a sugar type molecule that is capable of growing yeast overnight. Use a gentle water-based cleanser to melt away all your make up for healthy skin quickly.


It’s surprising how a tiny pore can feel so enormous. Women complain about enlarged pores that appear when the skin is full of oil, dirt, keratin and dead skin cells. When you get rid of these plugs, the enlarged pores will shrink. Exfoliate regularly to prevent your pores from getting even more significant.

laying in bed

Get Sufficient Sleep

Getting insufficient sleep will lower blood circulation which will make your skin appear dull. When sleeping your skin rejuvenates itself. Moake sure that you eat and hydrate well before retiring to bed so that you can give your skin the nutrients it required to do an exceptional job. Experts recommend that you should sleep for about seven to eight hours daily if you want to get a glowing skin.